As we come from the town of Poros, after the bridge of the canal, turning left and towards the west to the coast road to Neorion, we pass through Pearla , a beautiful area just opposite the port of Poros, with magnificent views across Poros beach and on the opposite shores of the Peloponnese.

Perlia is located opposite the Progimnastirio, very close to the town of Poros and is a great place for family tourism and relaxing holidays, just a 15-minute walk from the harbor of Poros.

In Perlia there are three seaside taverns, from the best in Poros, where you can taste fresh fish and seafood, traditional island and Mediterranean cuisine as well as a wide variety of meat for those who wish.

Perlia, by your own means of transport or by taxi (minimum charge of 3.70 euros), is about 3 minutes from the city of Poros.


(+30) 22980-23591
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